Feelin' 22

No, not me. My brother turned 22 a couple of days ago. How exciting? Probably the first birthday he remembers. Due to his broken wrist, nothing extravagant was planned. However, it was still a cute celebration.

We decided to go to Long Beach after church for some brunch at Turning Point. The food was as good as it looks in those pictures below. Trust me. My plate was loaded with potatoes, eggs, salsa, and sausage. I tried their frozen hot chocolate and, to be honest, I wasn't a fan. It was super watery. I wasn't sure if that was the taste or that's what happens when you try to freeze hot chocolate. The food made up for the disappointing drink so I was pretty content.

For those who are thinking "who wears heels to the beach," I decided to wear heels because I knew we weren't going to the actually beach. Plus, it looked cute with my outfit so...

I never thought I could rock wide-legged bell bottom pants, but I think I don't look that bad in it. Why did I think I couldn't rock bell bottoms? Because wide-legged bottoms usually make short people look shorter. Since these pants are super high-waisted, it helped lengthen my silhouette -- obviously the heels added to it too. Paired these pants with a tribal patterned crop top from ASOS. Grabbed my mom's shopper bag from Aldo and threw on those ridiculously higher-than-my-GPA platforms. Night-time outfit with beachy vibes.

Note To Self: Find more themed brunch places.