If Marilyn wore American Apparel...

"Are you trying to recreate Marilyn Monroe?" No, I wasn't. It just happened that I was wearing a white dress and the wind was blowing the right way. 

I don't think I'll get used to taking pictures on the streets with people walking and staring. I mean you are never going to see them again -- true, but still. Nonetheless, I got my OOTD pictures and that's all that matters.

Peep at this cute sweater dress from American Apparel. It has ribbed detailing up to the waist and cuts off to a flare skater dress silhouette. As cute as this white dress is, it was definitely the wrong choice of material on a humid, disgusting day in the city. Good thing I wasn't outside for long periods of time. Just standing there and posing even with the wind blowing still made me sweat like crazy.

Another unnecessary layer of clothing I had on was a light (emphasis on the light) anorak from H&M. I don't know why but I love white and cream together. They're so complementary and I feel like you can't go wrong. But I love this anorak! It's nice and oversized, the material is perfect for spring, and it has a little waterfall style in the front. You know you're feeling good about an outfit when you keep on your jacket even though you are sweating bullets. As light as it was, it wasn't light enough. 

Last but not least, my H&M patent leather boots! Absolutely love these (if you couldn't tell because I wrote about them the last post). I powered through all the blister just so I can complete this outfit. And the outfit is definitely completed!

Note To Self: Dress for the weather.