Sk8er Boi

Sk8er Boi used to be my favorite song ever. I absolutely loved Avril as well. She's partly the reason why I dressed like a boy until middle school. 

It's summer and these pictures were obviously not taken recently. Judging by my puffy coat, printed sweater, and leggings, I took these pictures in the midst of winter. Why am I writing about it now? 1. I really like these pictures. 2. I really like my outfit. 3. My boss keeps nagging me about writing blog posts and I felt like writing tonight so...Hi, Marcus. If you are reading, I hope you're happy. 

I've always appreciated the urban skateboarder. From their cool, calm, collected personalities to their fashion sense, I'm always inspired by their lifestyle. I tried skateboarding myself. I only ended up knowing how to kick and push. And when I tried to ollie, the skateboard would go an inch up in the air. Now, I just longboard because my coordination limits me to just cruising. 

The tropical/jungle/leaf print is definitely one of the most popular pattern in you'll find in this type of style. I feel like the typical silhouette most urban skateboarders go for is loose top and skinny bottoms. Have you ever seen a skateboarder wearing bootcut jeans? Exactly. Their tops are usually dashiki-fit patterned or logo tee shirts. This is why what I am wearing is perfect. I pretty much nailed it. I decided to add some cohesiveness to the outfit by slipping on a pair of striped sports socks. Sports trim on the sweater, sports stripes on my socks! I kept everything black because I wanted the main focus to be my sweater. I did fail to do one thing. What skateboarder wears adidas running shoes? 

Note To Self: adidas Elements shoes are not meant for skateboarding but, more importantly, running.