So This Is Where Rich People Chill

So I went to Montauk last Sunday to have a little picnic and see the lighthouse. After the 3 hour drive, I got to see the beautiful landscape. It was really nice and the land erosion, which created cliffs, only made it better for photo ops. 

After eating several hot dogs (more hot dogs I've ever eaten in my life time because I don't like hot dogs), we got to explore the Montauk Lighthouse. To be honest, it was ok. The view was a bit underwhelming. Why? You couldn't even walk on the lighthouse platform thing. You were restricted to the opening and the opening only. You couldn't even get good photos! 

The only good thing about the lighthouse is that you couldn't see how far up you were when you were going up. I get really scared of heights. I went up a lighthouse in Cape May, NJ -- this light house was a lot taller too -- and you could see how far up your were. Plus I'm always scared I'm going to slip through the opening between each step. 

The beach was probably the best spot. As you can see, I captured A LOT of pictures (unedited). While taking pictures, I noticed how badly I need a new camera. The OG, Mama Bear of the T series, Canon T1i, just isn't doing it for me anymore. Besides the point, this beach is really good for scenic purposes. I wouldn't recommended this beach for swimming or tanning. But do you. 

As for my outfit, I decided to be comfy. I think what I wore was the perfect beachwear. I opted for  a tropical graphic jersey tee. I rocked some American Apparel soft light denim runner shorts -- they scream "take me to the beach!" And of course, my go-to baseball cap. Really simple but why wouldn't it be?

Note To Self: When you go to Montauk/Hamptons, dress preppy and nautical or you'll stick out like a sore thumb.