Tartan & Tardy

Let me tell you, it is hard to have cute outfits, be a blogger, and have NO ONE to take your OOTD! The struggle is real out here for those who want to blog and post everyday. I love quality pictures from my DSLR, but you have to do what you need to get the job done. What did I do?

My day started a little late -- hence Tartan &


 I showed up about 30 minutes late to a video shoot I had to film. Luckily, they are pretty lax over there and no feelings hurt. I grabbed some lunch at Pret A Manger. This was my first time going here and to be honest, it's a pretty bougie name for some "ok" food. Then again, I am in the city. (Note to Self: Definitely should start getting used to all the bougie-ness in the city).

After filming, I tried to figure out a way to get my OOTD picture. I tried my selfie stick -- yes, I have one -- but it was not giving me the angle I wanted. Having a starving desire to go to the largest H&M in the world, I thought to myself "Hey, OOTDs in the fitting rooms of H&M are pretty popular on Instagram." And that's what I did. I walked over to Herald Square, grabbed a crop top that I've been wanting because they had my size, stood in the fitting room line for probably 30 minutes, and took my OOTD via fitting room mirror. I ended up with iPhone 6 quality, VSCOcam edited, mirror pictures. Not complaining. Because some is always better than none.

TARTAN, TARTAN, TARTAN! You might say black watch is more of a fall print, but spring and fall are interchangeable colors so...wear some black watch! It was a super hot day in the city. I wanted to look fashionable without being hot and opting for some basic denim shorts. I love mock turtlenecks, especially the crop top variety. I paired it with my asymmetrical skort that had a leather band trimming. I wanted to go for a clean sleek look, as per usual, so I didn't want to mix and match colors too much. I went ahead and topped it off with a black boyfriend blazer to give it a contemporary vibe. It looked best with the blazer buttoned. It complemented my slick-back ponytail. The whole appearance just screamed "Contemporary Lifestyle Blogger." My favorite part of this outfit is probably my patent leather ankle boots! Had to break these babies in, and it actually gave me some blisters. But it definitely pulled the whole outfit together and finished it off! Those blisters were worth it.

Yes, this was taken with a selfie stick.

The drink tasted better than the sandwich...