Walking & Wandering...But Lots of Walking

The awesome thing about New York City is just wandering around and seeing what you find. I'm a wander. I really am. I don't have a certain place to go. I just walk until I'm satisfied with where I've been. I did a lot of walking this past Sunday. Even with comfy Adidas, my feet still ended up hurting! 

I guess I'll start off with my outfit. I didn't really get any pictures of my #OOTD but this works. I took a double split maxi skirt and knotted it on the side to give off a sportier look. I love my racer front crop tops. I love my tropical prints even more! So I took the best of both worlds with this top and added a little pop to my outfit. Sticking with the sporty look, I opted for a white baseball cap (probably my go-to cap) to keep those rays away. And just as an addition to my outfit, I brought a white mesh long sleeved shirt to either tie around my waist or wear. Mesh is super trendy for spring contemporary style. And if worn right, it can really enhance an outfit. 

Found a broken mirror on the streets, so I had to take the opportunity.

Now time to talk about food. So first stop was MacBar in Soho. The concept was super cute, and so were their forks and knives. I ended up getting a Cheeseburger Mac (don't really know if that's what it's actually called). My friend got the Mac Quack, which ended up tasting better than mine unfortunately. I wish we got sizes bigger than a small because the containers for medium and up were in a shape of a macaroni!!! Definitely a place to hit up. 

For dessert, we got Amorino gelato. First, I love gelato. Second, I love when food is nicely presented. Third, I love when food tastes good. Basically, I love Amorino. You can pick however many flavors you want and they will put it in a cute cone and shape it into a flower. I ended up getting mango, raspberry, lemon, and Speculoos. I wish I had more raspberry though. It was definitely my favorite flavor there. 

Note To Self: I need to start getting used to this expensive city lifestyle. I mean $5.50 for a small cone! I mean then again quality over quantity. But still, that's like 5 vanilla soft serves at McDonald's...and I don't even like McDonald's. 

Amorino Gelato.

MacBar in Soho.

This was cool.

Somewhere in the financial district.

Near Chelsea Piers.