White Addicted

Who doesn't love white on white on white?

I basically wear either all-white or all-black outfits. I love monochromatic outfits because you get to focus on the details of the pieces and not the color. 

In this white on white ensemble I put together, I played with movement and fabrics. Like I said before, monochromatic outfits help you focus on the details like textures. This only makes your outfits more complex and chic. I decided to go with a loose-fit open back strappy top from Forever 21. The top has a more harsher white than the rest of the pieces. The different shades of white in this outfit creates dimension -- making it pop and less flat. 

I rocked some comfy and stretchy highwaisted pants from Aeropostale. Aeropostale really stepped up their lines and clothing in general. Definitely a place to stop by once in a while and grab some cute pieces. I hate wearing jeans but these leggings were incredibly comfortable. Which is perfect if you are going to be walking around the city all day. 

To keep myself warmer on a chilly day in the city, I threw on a waterfall blazer. What is awesome about this blazer is that it's two different chiffon fabrics. 

The inner layer is a thin see-through waterfall design. While the outer layer is heavier with a symmetrical cut. The blazer adds so much dimensions to this outfit. It really makes an all-white outfit stand out. 

As for accessories, I kept it simple and cool-toned by layering silver necklaces together. I chose a tulip peep-toe bootie with a chunky heel so walking is a lot easier. However, my feet ended up hurting anyway!

You can basically wear this outfit anyway!