CollegeFashionista X Don't Ask Why

Wanted to start off with a cheesy over-used attention grabber like "I asked why" but, honestly, I should be more creative than that. So I decided to start it off like this.

CollegeFashionista and Don't Ask Why (a collection from American Eagle) had a collab event this past Tuesday. The whole CollegeFashionista crew was there, even Amy Levin! I honestly didn't know about Don't Ask Why until this event. It's basically a festival-inspired collection from AE. Most pieces were cotton crop tops, like the one I bought, or soft loose tees -- perfect for casual or simple outfits. Printed tapered pants and ripped denim seemed to be in every corner of the store. The overall color palette of the collection is neutral with subtle color. The pieces ranged from olive to navy. The best way I can describe the scheme is if the whole U.S. military wore boho-inspired uniforms. The pieces really screamed the classic American Eagle style/look.

If you can picture Free People relocating to the desert, then you can picture the interior design of the store. There's cacti in pots spread around the store. The wall where they showcased the jewelry reminded me of Salvador Dali's

The Persistence of Memory

 -- the one with the melting watches.

I found it really cool that they had a "vintage" rack in the store. Although $45 is a bit expensive for shorts I can thrift and destroy myself for $5, the idea of it was really cute. It was something I don't see often in stores, which makes me appreciate it even more. These highwaisted ripped denim shorts fit me like a glove! Honestly, for all my girls out there that have bigger hips/thighs than waist, "mom jeans" style bottoms will be your best friend.

This event was a lot of fun, especially because I got to meet other Style Gurus. I really can't wait for the other upcoming events. I definitely can't wait until I wear my new top outside of that fitting room. Thanks CF and DAW!

Note To Self: Fisheye lenses are prefect for event coverage.