Style Artistry X DRESS FOR THE DAY

Had an awesome event with Dress For The Day and Style Artistry at their store (159 Bleecker St @ The Market NYC) -- featuring Maven Cocktails and Priv.

As the Dress For The Day fashion photography intern, I got to take awesome shots of the event and meet new and aspiring people. Jess, the owner of Style Artistry, was the sweetest and I'm so glad I got to meet her. Style Artistry might be my new go-to store. There is literally every style you can think of. From minimalist grid print to sexy lace, this store is for all fashionistas. Not to mention, Style Artistry carries beautiful jewelry and accessories. And now they carry a new makeup brand called Jingai Skin! The story behind this makeup brand is absolutely adorable (guarantee you it will blow up soon).

Besides all the pictures and networking I did that night, I got to get my makeup and hair "did" by the Priv team. Pretty awesome because I've never gotten it done before. I told the makeup artist (@BeautyByAja) to do whatever she wanted and she did a great job. @AdonicaDyeHard styled my hair exactly how I wanted it. Even though I didn't get to try the wine-infused vodka Maven cocktails, it was just overall a great time.

Note To Self: Buy yourself bubblegum pink lipstick. It looks good on you.