Why Meditate?


I was introduced to mediation my junior year of high school. My AP Psychology class was learning about

altered state of consciousness

. Fancy right? My favorite teacher of all time, shout out to Ms. Blake, decided we should mediate before our exam on this chapter. She turned off the lights, told us to close our eyes, then a Scottish voice started guiding us to extreme relaxation. Honestly, I didn't think it worked the first time for me. Pretty sure I just fell asleep because of the all-nighter I pulled to study for that test. But from that class on, we meditated before every exam. 

I'm writing this post now because finals week is coming and I still have so many projects and papers due in the next two weeks. As I got used to meditation, I started realizing its benefits. I was more focused, relaxed, and ready to start my work. Sometimes, I would study then meditate. To my surprise, my retention and recall of the material I studied improved. 

For all the students out there feeling the struggle of finals week, try meditation. It's amazing and you'll feel amazing. You'll be less stressed and anxious about the weeks ahead. You'll be more concentrated. Plus, you're overall health improves. I know that's an important factor especially when we don't have sleep, don't eat correctly, are exposed to so many people and germs, and are stressed out. There's really no negatives to meditating. Might as well try it out.

Here's the guided mediation video feature the lovely Scottish voice:

It's only 13 minutes. Trust me, you'll be glad you spent those 13 minutes.

Here's a cool infographic about the benefits of meditation:

Click on it for the article.

Benefits of Meditation Infographic