Hustling at Hustle Summit

About three weeks ago, I found out that I was a Hustle Summit Fellow! Hustle Summit is a badass networking event hosted by FindSpark. Here's my experience:

Before the actual event, the fellows were invited to Hustle Summit Kickoff Party earlier that week. It was absolutely awesome. It was held in a cool minimalist Breather room. The laid-back Kickoff Party let us network with exclusive companies, other fellows, and scholars. I was able to become closer and exchange ideas with fellows and scholars. I met and talked to experienced entrepreneurs. I loved every minute of it. Talking to mentors with inspiring stories and words of advice encouraged me to change my mindset. To start doing and not saying. To not be afraid of change. To embrace change because it can lead to serendipity. 

Fast forward to Friday...The fellows showed up to Irving Plaza early morning to find coffee and bagels set out for us. After having our breakfast, we started prepping for the event. Hundreds of swag bags later, we were ready to open the doors. As the attendees came flooding in, the volume of chatter started to rise. Hustle Summit had so many things to offer for attendees. There was an attendee lounge with a charging station where you can chill and talk to other people. The mentor lounge was very popular. You were able to get advice from brilliant young professionals about entrepreneurship, career change, and making your next step. All your career questions would be answered!

Let's talk about employers! Hustle Summit was heaven for any creative intern. From marketing to editorial, there was a company for you. Big established companies like HBO, Showtime, and Buzzfeed attended the event. New and upcoming companies like Blue Apron and Social Code were also there. There were so many cool recruiters to talk to. The best part was the swag that they were giving out! Companies had stickers, shirts, notebooks, tote bags, and other cool usable knickknacks. We also had a Bosco photobooth to take silly half-second gifs!

After a long day of work and networking, we got to let loose and dance! It was finally time for the Hustle Summit After Party. The FindSpark team, the fellows, and attendees busted some moves on the dance floor. It was pretty lit. A nice way to end the event and have fun with the other fellows!

This was an event I'm never going to forget. Forever thankful that FindSpark picked me to be a Hustle Summit fellow. I got to network with intelligent and experienced mentors who will help me along my journey. I was able to meet fellows with the same passions and interests. Everything was amazing! Can't wait until next year.

Note To Self: Take risks and put yourself out there. It's scary to do things alone but you'll find that you won't be alone for long.