My Trip To The Philippines

After six years, I went back to Philippines. Our trip there was impromptu and bittersweet. The reason for the trip was because my Lola (grandma) passed away. This is the bittersweet part. 

Although my grandma passed, it brought the whole family together. I was so happy to see all my cousins, uncles, and aunts. SIX years have passed! Last time I saw my family in the Philippines was when I was 14 -- right before high school started. Now, I am 19 years old about to be a junior in college. I also got to see my uncles after 20 years! 

I had an amazing time. You don't know how happy I was because of all the food I was able to eat there. Pandesal, guava, buko juice, buko shake, Filipino corn beef, kwek kwek, and basically every type of Filipino food I can ever ask for. Since the trip was impromptu, we didn't really have plans. We went to a small water park twice, Mall of Asia, and Tagaytay. 

Every time I go back home, there is always a baby around. This time the baby was my cousin's son, Zeke. He is one smart and hyper child. He also looks exactly like my cousin! It was so nice to bond with my cousins again and really get to know them. Our interactions this trip were definitely different than the past trips. Since we are all older, we were able to converse and relate on more things. 

Unfortunately, my trip was cut short. Because of my prior commitment to GLAM, I had to leave one week earlier than the rest of my family. I wanted to stay so badly! Once I left, all I kept thinking about was going back. I will be back soon Philippines!

Note To Self: When you go to Philippines, stay for more than 10 days.