Poke 'n Beach

After a long week of being in San Jose and working on GLAM, I was finally back home for Father's Day weekend. My boyfriend, Jonathan, came down to visit for two days. Here's what we did:

After watching Now You See Me 2 and shopping, we decided to experiment a little and make poke bowls! Poke is a Hawaiian dish composed of rise, spices, soy sauce, sesame seeds, seaweed, and raw fish. This dish has become extremely popular in the mainland - starting in California and making its way over to the east coast. Poke is very easy to make and super customizable.

If you never had sushi or raw fish before, you might want to take it easy. Start with one little piece of raw salmon or tuna and see how you feel from there.

As for us, we are big sushi/sashimi fans. Eating raw fish is no biggie. Our bowls consisted of salmon, tuna, sesame seeds, soy sauce, garlic, onion, and seaweed. This was my first time having and making poke. Verdict: I would totally eat this forever! It is so good and easy to make. It is also pretty refreshing. It was like I was in the tropical weather of Hawaii. 

We decided to go to the beach the next day. Even though we started the day a little late, we still found a lot of things to do on the beach. The bright side is that we didn't have to pay to enter the beach! We chilled on the beach and practiced some basic acroyoga moves. Then we went mini golfing at this pirate-themed course. I realized that day that I sucked at mini golf.

For dinner, we ate at Shore Fresh Seafood. For appetizer, we ordered their fresh calamari. As for the main course, Jonathan and I usually never get the same dish because we like to taste different items on the menu. However, the Fisherman's Stew was something we both couldn't resist. He got his regular and I got mine Fra Diablo (spicy). It was absolutely amazing. When they say fresh, they mean it. Their scallops were the best I have ever tasted. Juicy, tender, cooked to perfection. I definitely recommend going to this restaurant and getting Fisherman's Stew.

As for dessert, we went to Strollo's Lighthouse. Strollo's is a famous Italian ice place at Belmar beach. We were surprised when we saw a branch at Point Pleasant. Since this is Jonathan's favorite place, we had to go. As per usual, their ices and custards were perfect.