HerLeague In The City

WARNING: This is my first time vlogging and talking to the camera. As you can see from previous vlogs, I just play a video and overlay it with music. If you can't tell, we are super awkward in front of the camera. Practice makes perfect! It will be less cringe-worthy after a few vlogs in - promise!

So, what is HerLeague? 

Let's start with how the three of us met...

It was a cold January morning.

Just kidding - it's not that deep. All three of us were chosen to be Hustle Summit Fellows. Hustle Summit is the most badass networking career event in NYC. (


) Roshni and I met first during a training event for Hustle Summit. She approached me after she heard that I was working on a program to encourage young girls to be leaders - 


. From there, we decided to connect. We were both passionate about the cause and wanted to do something with it. Then, the actual Hustle Summit event happened. That's when I met Camille, who flew all the way from California. Roshni told me she was all about the idea too. The rest was history.

Now, let me explain what HerLeague is...HerLeague is a community encouraging and empowering young women professionals to be leaders and entrepreneurs by providing professional development resources and focusing on a stronger relationship with peers that goes further than a LinkedIn connection. We are launching the site soon. This is something we have worked very hard on and we can't wait to help and empower other young women. Subscribe here: 


Note To Self: Stop awkward laughing.