Leather in the Summer

It's hard to find a good time to wear leather in summer. Most people say you shouldn't even wear leather in summer -- I beg to differ. When summer hits, no one even bothers looking at the leather pieces in their closest. Let's stop neglecting our beautiful leather!

You can still rock leather in summer without being hot and sticky. Obviously, you shouldn't wear heavy leather when there's a heat wave, it's 90+ degrees out, and the sun is at its highest. Pick a cooler day or a cold summer night. Those are the 


times to slip on some leather.

You don't have to go


crazy with leather to bring it back to life. It might be chilly but it can still get very hot. If you want to be able to wear this look throughout the day, here's the best way to do it.

What's nice about the Club Monaco shorts in this outfit is that they are structured and boxy. What do I mean about that? The material is really sturdy. It is also thick enough to not stick to you skin but thin enough to let you skin breathe. Best of both worlds!

If you are working with leather in the summer, make sure you pair it with a breathable summer piece. That's exactly what I did with my top. This side split top has thin cotton on top and flowly chiffon at the bottom. This top will definitely keep me cool when the sun starts being a little too much. The light chiffon lets the air through and the side splits give me ventilation.

If you are experiencing some really cool summer weather, then you can even throw on a light-weight bomber jacket.  I decided to go with this H&M bomber because my outfit was lacking some color. Even though I love all black outfits, some pop of color can really be a statement and add dimension to your outfit. The bomber did just that for this outfit. I already had a mixture of textures and materials -- all I needed was color.

You also might want to carry a jacket around because you never know how cold the nights might get. Or even how cold a building can get!

Top: Forever 21 


Shorts: Club Monoco 


Jacket: H&M 


Shoes: Adidas 


Watch: Casio