Look Cute in Culottes

I remember in 6th grade I had a pair of these black cotton gaucho pants that I loved. They were so cute and I probably wore them way too many times. When I got to middle school, I realized how ugly they were and put them into retirement.

If I knew my gaucho pants would be resurrected into the trendy "culottes," I would've kept them to save some money. Fashion repeats itself (just like history).

Culottes have been invading the fashion scene since last year when they were a hot trend. Until now, you can see these wide-legged capris sported by every fashionista. With popular stores stocking up on this style, these pants a readily available to buy.

Not only are culottes everywhere, they are super versatile. I've seen them worn casually with a knotted white tee and formally like this outfit I'm rocking.

 I love/am so lucky to be interning at a company that has a casual dress code especially in the summer. I don't think I can survive just wearing dress pants and button downs. I love expressing myself through clothes and NYC is the best place to do it.

When this trend first arose last summer, I was a bit skeptical. I lowkey thought they were still ugly - just like my 6th grade gauchos. I also thought I wouldn't be able to rock them. I have a short frame and thick thighs. Thick thighs are the worst when it comes to pants. It's so hard to get pants looking right. So I decided not to jump on this bandwagon.

I began seeing other people styling it unique ways. I was starting to warm up to the idea of these revamped gauchos. Then I saw people with my body type absolutely killing it in their culottes.  After that, I just had to try this look out.

While scavenging through the sales rack at Forever 21, I found the last pair of culottes in my size! The culottes were a thick dress pants material. I was looking for light linen summer culottes but, for $8.99, these will do.

And these culottes were perfect for work! I actually got some compliments on them. 

I decided to go for a simple outfit - nothing crazy. I wanted to keep it safe because it was my first time styling culottes. I paired these with a white lace-up textured top. The material of the top really complemented the culottes. It added an extra dimension to the look. To top it off, I added a suede belt to cinch up the waistline just a bit. 

I threw my hair up in a messy bun to showcase the top and bring attention to the outfit. Even though it's a messy bun, it actually made my outfit look more clean and sleek. I slipped on thick platform sandals to add height. Since the silhouette of culottes are wide and mid-length, it cuts off my legs and makes me look shorter and wider. Adding a heel to pants that have a similar shape helps combat that illusion.


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Forever 21


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 Note To Self: You can rock anything you want!