After Work Eats

Interns who work in the city together, go on foodventures together.

Met up with my friend, Steph, to check out some foodie spots after work. We both intern in the city so it was only right to do so.

It was such a disgustingly humid day but we pushed through. We needed to do it for the gram!

Our first stop was Qi Bangkok Eatery. This place was aesthetic as f*ck. Furnished with white tables, cool lighting fixtures, and crystal chandeliers inside a glass box to separate each table. Qi had a chic vibe going on! Even though this place looked like it would hurt our bank accounts, the prices here were pretty reasonable. The portions were pretty good too.

Usually, I would get Pad Thai with shrimp but I wanted to try something different. I ended up getting the Massaman Curry with shrimp. After eating at many Thai places, I expected my dish to come with a maximum of 5 shrimps. To my surprise, it came with a good amount (these are my favorite types of surprises). The curry was delicious. I think my favorite part of Thai food are the peanuts. It added that needed crunch to my dish. I would definitely recommend Qi to a friend.

And for dessert,

we went to Ample Hills Creamery. After trying literally


the flavors, I choose Ooey Gooey and Snap Mallow Pop. This was a really hard decision. Ample Hills has amazing and unique flavors. Next time, I am grabbing myself a scoop of Hell's Kitchen (Guinness stout, rich chocolate, spiced brownie, etc) and The Munchies (potato chips, M&Ms, Ritz Crackers, etc).

If I could say anything bad about this place, it would be that the cookie cone was not much of a cookie. I was really expecting it to be a real cookie in a cone shape. It was more like a hard ice cream cone. For $1.50 extra, I don't think it's worth it - not even for the gram.

Note To Self: Sometimes things on the gram that looks good, aren't good in person.