Risky Business: How to Dress In A Minimalist Style

Everyone knows the famous scene of Tom Cruise in a button down and boxers.  

Whether you've watched Ricky Business or not (I actually haven't), you're definitely familiar with this look. It's probably one of the top 10 Halloween costumes for sorority girls or frat party themes. 

I wanted to make this Halloween costume a wearable outfit. 

The reason why I love this look is because it's so comfortable. If you think about it, the inspiration for this look came from a guy home alone lounging and lip-syncing to music. It's the ultimate carefree chill outfit. What's even better is this outfit is chic. The black and white minimalist style is so popular in the fashion world. There are countless of fashion bloggers and Instagrammers going for this look. It's super easy to rock the minimalist style. Here are some tips:

1. Pick 1-2 colors in your color scheme

A misconception about minimalist style is that you need to wear black and white all the time. That's not true! Minimalist style simply suggests you keep things to a minimum. This includes the colors and patterns you wear. Try to stick with one or two colors in your outfit. You can also play around with the shades of the colors. Following this tip will allow your outfit to look cohesive and clean. 

2. Express line: 10 items or less

Making a minimal outfit is like going through the express line in a store. You are only allowed 10 items or less. This is a good rule of thumb when trying out this style. I actually suggest you have 5 items or less. In my outfit, I only have 5 items: shoes, watch, skirt, shirt, and bralette. 

3. Be comfortable

The whole minimal lifestyle is based off on simplicity. With that being said, there's no need to wear complicated pieces. There's no need to go crazy. Just like how Tom Cruise was just chilling in his underwear, you should be as comfy as that. 

Following these three tips might just make you the next Instafamous blogger!

White Shirt - Aeropostale
Black Bralette - Boohoo
Black Mini Skirt - Forever 21
Silver Watch - Casio



Note To Self: Minimal makeup feels pretty nice too.