Film is the Wave

So, my friend and I have been LOVING film cameras.

It all started at Halloween when a group of my friends decided to be tourists. They all had Hawaiian patterned shirts and khaki shorts. The best accessory of all, however, was their Fuji Film disposable cameras

After Halloween was done, we developed the photos and they came out great. It had such a cool aesthetic to them. No filter needed...actually. I can't really describe the feeling but looking at these photos make me feel some type of way. I definitely think these photos tell more of a story than regular digital pictures. 

I decided to get a 2-pack of the Fuji Film cameras and I took it with me on my trip down to Greensboro, North Carolina. Caught some cool moments and, of course, my outfit!

Also, the great part of film cameras is that it's a one and done situation. You are hung up on getting the right angle. You just shoot and hope for the best. Gives you the time to really live in the moment.

Note to self: Buy a non-disposable film camera so it's cheaper in the long-run.