Summertime Fine Lookbook with Tobi

With summer less than 3 months away, it's time to start thinking about shopping for some new clothes. But let's be honest, those 2x2 pieces of cloth called crop tops are way too overpriced sometimes. Luckily, Tobi got your back. They have an amazing selection of summer pieces from dresses, rompers, and crop tops. On top of that, they are amazing quality! Oh, did I mention that you get 50% off of your first purchase? It's the perfect way to revamp your wardrobe for the summer. So, I decided to collab with Tobi to make this Summertime Fine Lookbook!


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Look #1

A lot of summer days turn into summer night outs. As someone who loves things that have more than one purpose, I am always looking for outfits and clothing pieces that are versatile. Clothes that can easily be used for two different occasions are essential for a spontaneous summer. This outfit does exactly that!

Here, I'm rocking the Claudia Off Shoulder Crop Top from Tobi. Its sleek chic look makes it perfect to sport out during the day. This crop top's cool floating off the shoulder strap adds edge to the outfit to transition you into your nightlife outings. I've been doing my shoulder presses so I love that this top accentuates and flatters my shoulders. It also has a very sexy and flirty vibe. I decided to pair it with a chiffon wide-leg pant from my grandma's closet (talk about vintage). The pastel purple of the pants really gives it the summer vibe. Don't forget that wide-leg pants are trending this summer. To complete this look, I slipped on a pair of ankle strap block heels from Payless. A popular heel great for walking miles in or dancing for hours. 

Have you guys seen the cover of the award-winning movie Moonlight? These shots reminded me of the cover. That's why I named this outfit Moonlight.

Jump on it

Look #2

When I think of summer, I think of wearing cute two-piece coordinates that are light and fun. Two-piece jumpsuits have been popular for a while now. This is probably one of my favorite trends for two reasons: 1) you get two for one price and 2) it's a quick effortless outfit. If you don't know what to wear, just slip on a two-piece jumpsuit. It's as easy as that! 

I'm in love with the All About It Choker Jumpsuit Set from Tobi. It's like a mullet - "business in the front, party in the back." The top of this set is definitely a party piece. The v cut and choker makes it ready for a night out. The matching pants are great for work and play. The high-waist straight cut is super flattering. They lengthen your legs and slims your waist. The pleats give it a professional touch. I added multiple beaded bracelets to give the outfit a little bit more flare. I topped it off with another vintage looking block heel. 

Slip into silk

Look #3

Silky, sexy, and summer ready! Slip dresses are taking over the world - actually. You see them everywhere usually worn with a plain tee underneath. The Nadine Satin Cami Midi Dress from Tobi brings slip dresses to another level. The midi length of this dress is good for hot days and cold summer nights. Its strappy back is an interesting focal point that adds spice to your look. The v cut and side slits will flatter your body and make you feel super sexy. I decided to keep this outfit simple and let the dress do all the talking. Again, I finished the outfit off with a pair of ankle strap block heels from Payless. I'm obviously obsessed with these heels! 

There you have it! Seriously can't wait for summer to come to rock more cute outfits. Three amazing outfits thanks to Tobi. Make these your own outfits and shop my look:

  1. Claudia Off Shoulder Crop Top 
  2. All About It Choker Jumpsuit Set
  3. Nadine Satin Cami Midi Dress

Photographers: Jack Cook & Anne Murray


*Disclaimer: I am not being paid to write this post and these are all my own opinion. I collaborated with Tobi on this lookbook. They sent me some clothes to write about.*


Note To Self: Buy more block heels because they are comfy af.