My Spa Day at Island Spa and Sauna

It's been a pretty crazy and hectic past two months for me. I graduated, I went on vacation, I had a graduation party, and I'm packing for Charlotte. But the thing that shook my life the most was when my 9-month-old Goldendoodle, Migo, passed. After that, I just need some time to relax and release my mind. Thankfully, my friends got me an Island Spa and Sauna gift card. And thankfully, they were doing a summer special so I was able to get the most bang for my buck!

Here's how my Scrub-a-dub-dub package went:

Body Scrub Plus


First things first, the bath area of Island Spa is completely nude! No swimsuits - just skin! The body scrub started with a 15-minute soak in the hot baths. That soak felt so good because I was sick and I needed all the steam I can get to clear up my sinuses. After the soak, my masseuse, Cindy, called me over to start my body scrub and massage. I'm not going to lie, I felt kind of weird at first that I was butt naked on a massage table about to get scrub down by some random person. But honestly, Cindy made it really comfortable for me! She wrapped my head and eyes with a towel which basically forced me to close my eyes. This really helped because it made me think less about being naked.

Cindy gave me an amazing body scrub! She had the perfect pressure. It wasn't too light where I felt like she wasn't scrubbing at all. It wasn't too hard where I felt like she was scraping my skin away! She scrubbed every inch on my body. There was no skin unturned. The body scrub was around 30 minutes. After she rinsed off all the dead skin from my body, she put some soap on me, gave me some face wash, and told me to rinse off and wash my face. Then I came back and she washed my hair - something I wasn't expecting. I wasn't trying to get my hair wet that day because I just got it done and I need special shampoo. I wasn't mad at the hair wash though. I was a nice little head massage. After that, Cindy told me to dry off and we started the massage part. That massage was amazing!!! After about 30 minutes, the massage was sadly over.  I felt amazing, clean, smooth, and super relaxed.


Classic European Facial

There was a 30-minute break before I started my Classic European Facial. I never had a facial before so I was pretty hyped. I'm weird and I love watching videos of people getting facials on Youtube, so this was lowkey a dream come true. I got to the facial area of the spa and greeted by Jinah. I entered her room and it had a cool dark ambiance with some soothing music playing in the back. I laid down and the facial started. First, she examined my face. I did wish she told me what she saw. I kind of knew what she saw only because of the areas she targeted during the facial. However, I did wish there was more of a consultation and conversation. Once she was done examining my face, she washed it. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure of the products used or the other things she did to my face but I'm going to try my best and guess.

After the wash, she did some microdermabrasion. I was pretty stoked for this because I've seen people get this done all the time! She put some stuff on my face then she went to extractions. I always hear how much extractions hurt so I was scared and excited at the same time. For the most part, Jinah focused on my nose - which makes sense because I have so many blackheads and whiteheads. It felt like a little pinch but, overall, it wasn't too bad. Then, she used some High-Frequency Facial (I think) equipment on my face. I honestly wasn't ready for that but it was cool! It sounded a little scary but it did not hurt at all. She put some gauze over my face and just started up the little thing! She puts tanning goggles on me and next thing I know, my head is in a box that emits light. I'm guessing this was light theraphy for my face - also saw this on Youtube videoa. She toned my face, added some facial oil, and used some circular-feeling vibrating massagers on my face. It felt really nice actually! Once that was done, she put on a cooling mask and left the room to let me chill out for a bit. She came back into the room and used cooling globes on my face! AHHH! I was so excited for this! It felt amazing. Exactly how every person describes it! It was really relaxing and it wasn't too cold. She finished up with checking my skin one last time and told me it looked great. I totally agreed. My skin was GLOWING! It was super clean. I had no gunk in my nose. I looked moisturized and healthy. 

Saunas & Food

After the facial, I had some lunch at their cafeteria. I had their version of a poke bowl. It was actually pretty good. It was light and refreshing which I appreciated. I stayed in a couple saunas for a little bit but, for the most part, I was in the ice room trying to close up my pores to keep all the good moisture in my face. I relaxed in the ice room for a bit and then headed home.


My experience at Island Spa and Sauna was amazing! The service was great. The people were great. The whole day was great! I think the best part of it all was it cost $165 including tip! I mean if you are a recent grad like me, this is a godsend. And If you aren't a recent grad like me, it's still a godsend! I really suggest you visit and try to grab these summer specials. I think it's a great price for a great service. Do not miss out on this opportunity to treat yo' self and to give yourself some TLC. 



Note To Self: Do this more often.


 Ice room

Ice room

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